About Me


My name is Marta. I am a third-year student at Southern Illinois University Carbondale majoring in New Media News Production (Journalism) and Photography (Cinema-Photography) within the College of Mass Communications and Media Arts.


My passions include digital photography, web design, graphic design, and video production. I have been making websites for over seven years, and currently am a freelance web designer in addition to being a full-time college student. I worked for an online newspaper in my hometown,, for four years, where I wrote articles, took photojournalistic pictures, learned Joomla!, made splashpages, designed advertisements, copy edited, and made short documentary videos.


Currently, I am a staff member (webmaster) for a student-run television show called 26:46 that airs on a Southern Illinois based PBS affiliate called WSIU. Through 26:46, I have tried camera operation, editing, concert photography, art direction, directing, acting (not exactly my forte), and producing. Check out my Vimeo for some videos I’ve created.

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 My resume